About – Who’s that girl?

Quick Facts

  • Born February 26th in Pirmasens (Germany)
  • Studied “Digital Media” at the University of Applied Sciences in Zweibrücken focusing on Visual Design and Human Computer Interaction
  • Worked for Ergosign as a Visual Designer, and later as a UI Designer
  • Project Collaborator at the CCIDT (E-Learning, Graphical Design)
  • Now GUI / Visual Designer at CAS in Kaiserslautern

Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m a 28 year old GUI Designer, located in Pirmasens (Germany).

Since 2007 I work for CAS, the leading provider of customer management and mobility solutions for the consumer products industry where I’m the only one with Photoshop in Autostart :),  so I’m doing a lot of different stuff: my main activity would be UI and Graphical Design, but additionally I also design and implement SharePoint solutions even though SharePoint and I weren’t best friends in the beginning, but now that I have a pretty solid knowledge of it, we’re thinking about getting married. ^^ But I don’t think my boyfriend would agree with that. :)


Talking about my private life: my boyfriend Andreas has put up with me for over 9 years now even though my passion for handbags, make-up and shopping can be pretty annoying. I love Amsterdam, Zoos and US TV Shows and when I’m not working on this website, I take photos, bake (I love baking, should have become a pastry chef :)) or just listen to music. I like bands like  The Killers, The Raconteurs, The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy, Billy Talent, Brit Pop like Oasis, but I also love Katy Perry. :) If you like , just add me on Last FM!

(more or less) Interesting facts

  • I really love handbags. I think I have about 50, I stopped counting, but I just can’t stop buying new ones. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see one of my favorites: Alice from Kipling (love Kipling). Same goes for eyeshadow, I have every color of the rainbow. :)
  • I’d love to have a cat, but I don’t dare to get one, cause I might be allergic.
  • After I inherited my grandma’s house – in which I already lived in before – I (well, actually my boyfriend who’s a craftsman ;)) painted it purple because that’s my favorite color. The neighbours were shocked at first, but now it’s THE attraction in our street and people stop and stare. I should post a photo some time soon.
  • I have a snail called Gaby. I found her/it in a salad and decided to keep her, because she would die if I just threw her in our garden. She’s tiny still, but growing fast. I might release her in the summer.
  • I’m almost 30 (good god :)), but I’m still 7 at heart. I love Hello Kitty and Littlest Pet Shop and everything else with big heads and big eyes. I can justify this though: this stuff inspires me to create new characters for my illustrations. ^^
  • I give everything a name. Even my office plant has one: Henry (you can see it in the illustration at the top :). I got him from a colleague two years ago and he is still alive!
  • “I don’t have a short attention span, I just….Oh, look, a kitty!” –> that’s totally me
  • I have a little notebook fetish. I love the way the paper of my moleskines feels when I’ve written on a lot of pages with a ball-pen. (I’m not sure whether I should really share this with the world….haha…) And everything I write down looks perfect, if it doesn’t I write it again.
  • I hate to drink out of a full bottle
  • 98% of my clothes are black
  • I love Christmas! I start decorating at the end of October and usually in my apartment Christmas lasts until February. ^^
  • I hate calling people on the phone (can you imagine how terrible it was for me to work in a call center when I was 17? :)) – slowly getting used to it though.
  • I’m addicted to chap sticks
  • I love Splattermovies (my favorites are Braindead, Bad Taste, Feast etc.) – actually that’s were my Nickname Maquita comes from: she’s the female star in Braindead. ;) If you see a Maquita somewhere in the internet it’s most likely me. ;)
  • I speak Dutch (not very good, but I could survive in Holland)
  • And now for the statement I always get astonished looks for: I hate Summer, I really do. I like the sun, but temperatures above 20 degrees just make me unhappy.

About this site

When I had my first internship at a3 design (now called a3 systems) in 2002 I barely knew what Photoshop was or how to code a website (looking back, I have no idea why they hired me :)), so the first task I got was

“Get a html book and learn how to use photoshop!”

After 3 months I was on a good way and decided to work on my first personal website: Maquita.de!

During my studies we were tasked to create a website for ourselves. So I bought the nicolebauer.com Domain. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of my first try anymore, I just remember it was pink with hand drawn icons acting as the navigation. :) The final version of my portfolio was online from May 2004 till 2010 and I didn’t change the design in those 6 years. :)

nicolebauer.com Version 1