Coffee and Crystals are a girls best friend

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Swarovski CharmsActually I didn’t plan to use this as a personal blog, but from time to time when I have something to say, why not? :) Even though I’m not sure whether I should write that in English or German……:)

My birthday was on Friday and I had the day off, so my boyfriend and I went to Heidelberg for a little birthday shopping. I had seen these gorgeous Swarovski Charms and there’s a Swarovski store in Heidelberg. I basically could have spend my monthly salery in that store! I just loved that sparkle everywhere – Crystals ARE a girls best friend. :) Anyways I got a toadstool and…….a radish. Haha. A radish pendant, isn’t that creative?

I know, most people reading this blog are male, so I won’t bore you with more girl’s stuff. :) But I have to check on them everything few hours just because I love looking at them…:)

Easter Decoration Anyways, after we had bought some silly easter decoration we needed a coffee and as I already had my Starbucks dose the day before we decided to try out that Espression Lavazza Coffee Bar. The furnishing looked awesome (as you can see on the picture) – all red and white and when we looked at the menu I was completely astonished. They don’t just sell regular coffee or coffee with flavor shots, what you get there is coffee art! I had an Espessona (I think that was the name) which is an Espresso with a vanilla (or whatever flavor you want) mousse topping. Delicious! My boyfriend had a Lavazza Colada – an Espresso Cocktail with Pina Colada foam on top. I would have loved to try everything on their menu as it all sounded fantastic! You should check out the website, to see yourself. If you’re ever in Heidelberg, go there! It’s way better than Starbucks, and I love Starbucks! Not purely because of all the fancy stuff, but the coffee itself is just better. I’m a fan! :) 
And they have a pretty cool logo, too. ;)

Espression Lavazza


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