Inspiration Overload

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Information Overload

When you’re working as a designer you have to read all kinds of design blogs to keep yourself updated on the lastest trends and technologies, but can you acutally read too many blogs? This article is about how I feel about inspiration overload – when too much inspiration is killing your creativity…

I have to check if that’s cool first…

While thinking about a design and concept for this site, I’ve subscribed to tons of RSS feeds and bookmarked hundreds of sites that contained stuff that might be interesting for my new site. Of course, over time I completely lost track of all the features I wanted to incorporate and at some point didn’t give a shit whether my design was “hip” or not…

But sometimes it happens to me that as soon as I start designing something all this inspiration I see everyday comes to my mind and  I sometimes get stuck, because I’m not sure if that gradient is out, or if the colors I’m using are trendy at the moment etc.. To make sure I’m on the right track I usually google first. Isn’t that stupid? YES, IT IS! But that’s because I deal too much with design all day:

All that inspiration

I’m using Tweetz to display the latest tweets in my Windows Vista Sidebar at work, I use Flock Browser with its RSS Feed Sidebar that I’m constantly checking and everyday I find a new blog I could spend hours reading. I’ve really come to the point where it sometimes even gets annoying. I can’t take all this information and inspiration I’m flooded with day after day after day…

So why don’t I just stop reading all that stuff? I CAN’T! I’m addicted! No, not really, but I would feel that I’m not up to date, missing something really cool. More than that I even feel that reading design blogs is important for my job because I always have to be up on the latest trends and technologies. But lately I just feel so overwhelmed by all that information.

Don’t get me wrong: I love reading design blogs and it is important to be up to date and find inspiration when you work as a designer, but too much is too much and will just get you stuck.

But what to do about it?

I’ve decided to get rid of some of the blogs in my feedreader and just keep the ones that really bring me forward (like Smashing Magazine or Webdesigner Wall ;)). Considering that I’m subscribed to 106 RSS Feeds – and those are only the ones about Design and Wordpress – that should save me some time.

But still I will see a lot of interesting things I might want to keep in mind for my site, so: I will keep a Todo list. I thought it would be cool to maintain it on this website so that you can see what I’m up to and I will have the pressure to implement (at least) some of the things on my list. :)

Any better ideas?

Do you have more tips? What do you do to cope with all of that inspiration everyday?

  1. Deepu Balan says:

    Inspiration overload!!! yes… you are absolutely right Nicole, Its really hard to filter out quality blog posts from all these overloaded inspirational stuffs…
    Thought provoking post… :-)


  2. Web Guru says:

    I’d also recently was thinking about it. But I’d rather call it “Information Bombardment”. Well, actually I’d heard of this term quite a long time ago. But this is what I’m feeding right now.

  3. First off awesome website, I see your leg stretches with it, Cool article too… I’m also into inspirational overloads, sometimes I feel that theres not enough time in the day to check out all the articles that I look up to so I just take the information by the time I get around to twitter. And whoever is the freshest gets my attention… Cheers…

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks, Rod, glad you like it.
      Yes, I also only read the tweets that are on top. :) But I still feel I could have missed something great cause I didn’t read the others. ;)

  4. Teuku Farhan says:

    ^_^…I agree with you nicole, we are on information and inspiration overload. Sometimes i tired to walking around to find stuff and inspiration about web design. But, my priority is Hongkiat and Smashing Magazines

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