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Wow, this website has been online since 2004 and I’ve never changed anything in the design, I just kept adding new content. But now it’s just about time to say goodbye… Version 1

…and start something new. I’ve just evloved too much during the last few years that I just thought the old website doesn’t reflect what I’m capable of.

SO here it is, the site I’ve worked on for over a year…

…actually that’s a shame, but I just didn’t have the time to continuously work on it and Wordpress was quite a challenge for me.

When I decided to redesign I wanted something completely new, something I can update easily, write a Blog etc. So of course Wordpress was the number one choice. BUT I had never done anything with Wordpress before, so I had a lot of learning to do before I could get started.

I think the first post series I’ll will be about how I got to understand how Wordpress works including some tips and links on how to get started. Wordpress for dummies (like myself) so to say. :)

This site is far from being “final”, my code is a bit of a mess, because I’ve changed it over and over, the performance could be better and there are so many cool things on my list I wanted to add, but I just had to get something online in order to have the motivation to keep working on it.

This new design is very personal and made with love.

Apple Necklace I’ve paid a lot of attention to detail like the apple that you can find everywhere: it’s my favorite necklace that my boyfriend bought me in France a few years ago, it was cheap and looks completely nagged by now, but I love it and still wear it a lot so I thought this would be a good logo for the site.

The desk looks like my desk at home, the plant is my office plant Henry, my IPod (which is broken), my Miu Miu glasses (I actually wear all the time, I’m nearly blind without it :)), my Laptop…well ok, I don’t really use my laptop a lot, but it looked better than a normal PC. :) Oh, and there’s the Starbucks cup I bought in Paris – I use it every day in the office, love Starbucks! If you scroll down to the bottom you can see one of my favorite Handbags from Kipling which inspired me for the color combination red and purple for the site.

I hope you’ll all like it as much as I do (even though I’ve worked on it for so long, that there are already things I’d like to change :))!

  1. The site looks great – I hope Sony are giving you a nice kickback ‘Hollywood style’ for that great piece of product placement :-)

  2. The site looks amazing Nicole! I love everything about it from the unique style to the quirky colors and all the illustrations! Awesome work! :D

  3. Neogine says:

    Hi Nicole, ich hab öfters schon auf deine Seite geschaut und muss sagen, das neue Design ist einfach Spitze!

    Mach weiter so!

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