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Asli & Harry Wedding Site

05:44 PM in Portfolio, Webdesign

Harry and Asli are dear colleagues of mine who are getting married in May this year. They’ve asked me to create a Wedding Website for them and as I never did something like that before, of course I was up for it. Asli loves purple, so the color choice was easy. ;) I didn’t want it to get to cheesy, so I’ve tried to keep it simple.

The photo is just a placeholder and will be replaced with a photo of Asli and Harry of course. ;)

Harry and Asli.com

(you can’t view it live it is only available to wedding guests, sorry. :))

My Space

10:43 PM in Portfolio, Webdesign

This damn layout took me ages, because My Space is so fucked up. I wanted something dark (for a change) with bright colors (as usual).  I love the fonts! But after I had finished this, I hated My Space so much (because it was such a pain to change the layout) that I actually don’t use it anymore. :) I’ve switched to Facebook where you just can’t change the layout.

My Space

View live: www.myspace.com/stoquita

Live Journal

10:30 PM in Portfolio, Webdesign

This is a pretty old layout. I’ve created it for my Live Journal where I documented the time I was studying. The graphic at the top is part of my personal website Maquita.de, it includes everything I like(d): giraffes, Paris, Holland, taking pictures, tv shows, make-up, handbags, computer. Haha…

I know you need to get used to the color combination, but actually I still like it. :)

Live Journal

View live: maquita.livejournal.com


09:38 PM in Portfolio, Webdesign

This is how it all began. My very first website. I was so proud! And actually I get really really melancholy when I look at Maquita.de because I don’t have the time to update it anymore and…let’s face it: I grew up…a little bit…:)

But I still love it, ’cause it reminds of the good old times. And I could laugh my ass of when I look at all the previous editions (click the image and click through the light box and you can laugh with me :)). But even despite the fact that I suck at drawing and the site looked a bit weird compared to others, I had about 100 visitors each day who where reading my movie reviews, journal posts and all that other crap I published. I had a new edition every few weeks, like a Halloween Edition or a Limp Bizkit Edition. :)

Maquita.de Homepage

View live: www.maquita.de


05:19 PM in Portfolio, Webdesign

Tanja Schweitzer is a Mastertrainer for Indoor Cycling. She wanted something with dark warm colors focusing on her photos. I’ve also created Business Cards and Flyers for her.


View live: www.tanja-schweitzer.de