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Designers Couch

I just have to share this with you: today I’ve been accepted at Designers Couch! I’m so proud! Yes, it’s almost a bit childish, but I’ve been waiting all week for them to accept me and finally I got enough votes!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Designers Couch, it’s…

“…a new design group for the world’s most progressive creative minds. DesignersCouch is a haven for designers who wish to showcase their portfolio on a professional platform, network with some of the industry’s best, and seek inspiration and knowledge from their peers.”

I haven’t seen everything yet, but I think it’s really a great place to share your work with others, get valuable critique and find inspiration. You can get great exposure there if you participate in the community and there’s are lots of extremely talented designers you can learn from.

So, if you’re a member, too, then add me as a connection! If not, go and apply! It’s really worth it!

Let it out!

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