This week’s WOW moments #2

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After the nice feedback for the first part of “This week’s WOW moments” I decided to continue the series. This week my number 1 WOW moment actually didn’t have anything to do with design (which is very rare ;)): last Tuesday I was at the Limp Bizkit concert in Frankfurt and it was amazing. Anyways I’m also gonna introduce you to Tiago Hoisel’s great illustrations and my beloved Eyesores – don’t miss!

Skip the concert stuff for gods sake! ^^

Limp Bizkit live in Frankfurt 31 August 2010

I’ve been a Limp Bizkit Fan for about 11 years, they were always on my playlist and even after an album that really sucked I was still excited when I heard they’re coming on tour! I immediately ordered tickets. Then I started wondering if they actually had a new album – haha, who cares? They can play the old shit for another 10 years, I don’t care, still love it! But to my surprise the Gold Cobra is on it’s way.

After a long time of waiting, last Tuesday was finally THE day. In March 2004 I had seen them in the same location (Jahrhunderhalle, Frankfurt/Germany) and now, 6 years later, they were even better! And with WES! The atmosphere was amazing, it was like all these people (about 4000) had just been waiting for them to come back! The moshpit was crazy, I was glad we had tribune tickets (yes, come on, I’m getting old ;)), but the guys behind us were standing up, good for me, so I didn’t have to sit down either – and quite frank: how can you sit down at a Limp Bizkit concert? Loads of people did actually, no idea what was wrong with them. ^^

Haaa, it just felt so good to have them back, just like the old days. Last time I almost passed out when I realized they were really in one building with me, haha. It was just a great show and it really gave me a boost, cause I felt a bit blah lately.

I shot some photos and videos, they’re crap, but for me they’re good enough, I’m gonna share them with you anyways. ^^ Here’s one of the songs from the upcoming album “Walking away”:

Limp Bizkit live in Frankfurt – Walking away

This is the first (and probably last ;)) video I’ve ever uploaded to YouTube. *LMAO*

Ok, enough about Limp Bizkit, I’ve also had some WOW moments in design:


Eyesores are just awesome! I truly love them! They’re fun, they’re cute, they’re colorful and they’re different! Their creator is Xavier Gallego, a graphic designer and illustrator from Barcelona and the cool thing about Eyesores is that there’s a Facebook application for them (there’s and eyesore for every occasion)! So can easily post them to your or your friend’s profiles! Just go and check it out! You’ll love it! You can even buy mugs, shirts etc. in the Eyesores shop (I need to get one of those mugs for the office!) or send Eyesores e-cards. This sounded like an advertisement. Haha, I should work in Marketing- wait, I AM working in Marketing. ^^

And to give you a little teaser, here are some of my favorites:


I got invited to Forrst, how cool is that? Ha! I’ll have to figure out how that whole thing works. It’s a place for designers AND developers to share inspiring code, screenshots and links. I love the design of it and that people are really participating by writing loads of comments! Go and apply for an invite!


Tiago Hoisel

Recently I’ve found some artworks by Tiago Hoisel – an illustrator based on Sao Paulo, Brazil and I was amazed! This is some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen! Truly inspiring! Here are some examples (I’ve posted a whole collection on Designers Couch, go check it out:

Now tell me, what were your WOW Moments last week?

Let it out!

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