This week’s WOW moments

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Dan EscobarEvery day I read tons of design blogs and check out hundreds of tweets and sometimes there are moments where I think “WOW, that’s amazing”. I’ve decided to share these Wow moments with you!

This week was full of WOW moments: Tilt Shift photography, a great technique to fake minature scenes. I’ve found some stunning and romantic photos, Dan Escobar impressed me with his creative ad designs, I MUST have a handbag with Illustrations by Andy Ward and I fell in love with Jelly Labs, the portfolio of Natalie Nash.

Let’s start with a (for me) brand new technique:

Tilt Shift Photography

I found this great article about it on (very usefule site by the way): 
How to fake miniature scenes

“Tilt Shift lenses focus on a single part of the photo and shift (blur) the surrounding area to create an optical illusion of miniaturized scenery”

Tilt Shift Photography: Crossroads

Tilf Shift Photography: Street

Tilf Shift Photography: Boat

Tilf Shift Photography: Train

WOW! How cool is that? I found these examples on Flickr, there are tons of Tilt Shift photos. I can’t wait to try this out with my own photos!

Romantic Photos

After Damian had posted two amazing collections on Designers Couch: “The Romantic Period” and “Obession with legs” I found There you can find tons of stunning, romantic, 60ties photos of beautiful women (and some dudes ^^) including Marilyn and Audrey. I really love this site, because the photos portray such an easiness and romance and are not photoshopped to look old, they actually are! Great inspiration for everyone who loves that era. Here are some teasers:

Dan Escobar

Dan has been responsible for some of the most celebrated, image-driven ads of the last 20 years. His clients include: Motorola, Bank of America, American Express, DHL, Microsoft, EBay, Adidas, Yahoo, Adobe and Got Milk among others. His work is just amazing, some of his ad made my jaw drop! Check out his website to see more of his work!

Dan Escobar

Dan Escobar

Dan Escobar

Dan Escobar

Andy Ward

As you might know, I have a thing for handbags…^^ And I found this great collection of illustrated handbags by Tookata People:

Tookata People

Tookata People

Awesome! A week later Damian posted an article about illustrator Andy Ward and guess what I found in his portfolio? ;) I MUST have such a handbag! There beautiful, but also expensive. ^^ 280$ for the one I want, but most of them are leather, so I guess that’s fine. ;)

Jelly Labs

Last but not least I found Jelly, the Portfolio of Visual Designer Natalie Nash.

Jelly Labs

Jelly Labs

Her icon creations are simply adorable! I love this site! Don’t miss the Goodies section, there are some free icons for you to download!

That’s about it, there were some more great sites I’ve found this week, but you check those out on my Twitter Site or in my weekly Summary.

Now tell me, what were your WOW Moments last week?

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