What was going on this week: 2010-04-25

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  • Are we #Facebook friends yet? http://ow.ly/1CLLr #
  • Gosh, MySpace is so full of shit. All I get is SPAM SPAM SPAM! :( #
  • 6 Quick’n’Dirty Photoshop Text Effects From Scratch http://ow.ly/1Caim #
  • Oh my GOSH! @freddurst Limp Bizkit in Frankfurt in August! Wondering if I should go there for old times sake… #
  • One of the best sites I’ve seen in a while: Flourish Web Design http://ow.ly/1C5Ri #
  • I feel bad cause I didn’t work on my website for weeks, but I’m busy busy busy! :( #
  • Just found out how cool Twitter lists are….:) #
  • How cool is that? Slideout Tips With jQuery & CSS3 http://ow.ly/1BF4O #
  • Using Mind Maps to Provide Creative Direction // Processed Identity: Sharing How You Got There http://ow.ly/1BARm #
  • 40 memorable design quotes visualized http://ow.ly/1BziA #
  • Maybe I should mention that I have a new Facebook account, just getting started, so add me as a friend: http://is.gd/bC38U #
  • Investment form for CS5 signed off! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! #
  • I don’t really get that new thing with pages in Facebook. I don’t trust Facebook. Social Media is scary. o.O #
  • Pretty cool, I guess I’ll exchange the existing slider on my site: Nivo Slider – The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider http://ow.ly/1B57x #
  • Haha, I love Gary! @garysreallife Gary’s real life http://ow.ly/1AFOg #
  • I’m guilty. I think I don’t even read 18%. ^^ Users don’t read (more than 18%): Estimated reading time in web design http://ow.ly/1AElf #
  • Awesome Redesign, go check it out: http://tinyurl.com/y76pqjb – New Site – New Direction @sohtanaka #
  • That’s just genious! The 80 best guerrilla marketing ideas I’ve ever seen http://ow.ly/1AAlQ #
  • LOVE IT!!! Wish it would be big enough for my Screen. :( @eyesores Monday Wallpaper I want to celebrate a few things… http://ow.ly/1Abim #
  • This is just so funny (and so TRUE, sadly) How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell http://ow.ly/1A7CO #
  • I’ll try that out! Designing Without Gradients http://ow.ly/1A7mS #

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