What was going on this week: 2010-08-08

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  • RT @designerscouch Creative Tear-off Ads http://bit.ly/d2R4fV #
  • RT @designerscouch Funny Caricatures. Check out Will Smith *lmao* http://bit.ly/cpjYQk #
  • Twitter Planning New 'Shout Out' and 'On Notic' features? http://bit.ly/99eCZX #
  • Check out my cute kitty wallpaper "Love knows no bounds" @smashingmag desktop wallapaper calendar for August: http://bit.ly/cTm4Yw #
  • Check out the new http://designerscouch.org site! You'll love it! If you need an invite, send me a link to your portfolio! #
  • The Pets of Jessica Florence! Adorable! | Designerscouch http://bit.ly/dtJ1Lf #
  • If the testserver for our website will throw me one more error, I will jump out of the window. I wanna the KILL the guys who developed this! #
  • This is so funny! The reality of a graphic designer. I wish I could do that with my customers. Read Missing Missy! http://bit.ly/ck8opx #
  • Design interface application Framework: Free GUI Library for Illustrator http://bit.ly/cGDHpQ #
  • Working on a postcard design which is killing me. I'm so not creative today….maybe I should get a coffee… #
  • Placehold.it A quick and simple image placeholder service: http://bit.ly/dqNetR #
  • Reading: http://tinyurl.com/3xb8aqg – Popout Details on Hover w/ CSS @sohtanaka #
  • My colleague just brought me a bg full of covergirl cosmetics from the US! Isn't that awesome? Now I'm easy, breezy, beautiful! Yaaay! #

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