Yaaaay! I’m blogging! Uhm…about what?

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That’s what I thought last week. :) When I redesigned my site it was clear to me that I wanted to write a blog…about Design, the Web, Trends, Wordpress and all that stuff. I thought a lot about the design, but not really about what I wanted to write about, because I thought that would just come automatically. I had a thousand ideas what I wanted to write about, but when I was about to really publish my first blog post, I got completely stuck. I’ve started to write at least five posts about different topics, but after a few sentences I’ve just started to think

“no, there are already hundreds of blog posts about that” or “would anybody be interested in that?”…

It’s really difficult to get started. So I’m just sharing my thoughts with you. :) I’m sure I’m not the only one having a rusty start, am I?

While writing this post drowning in self-pity :) at least 20 new messages popped up in my twitter sidebar. I’m only subscribed to 44 people, but still there are so many interesting links chirping at me, so I click on at least 80% of  them what can be sooooo distracting. All this information and inspiration is killing me. So I decided to write a blog post about just that feeling. The title would be “Inspiration Overload”, I had that in mind for a while.

So far so good, but now I have to realize that I really don’t know how to write anymore. Last time I wrote something like an article with an introduction, middle and end was in 13th grade and that was 10 years ago (god, I’m so old! :)). That’s why I’m really struggling to sort my thoughts and write an article with a logical order. Not that easy, I can tell you. ;) I guess I should think of it as a PowerPoint presentation, that might help to find the important points.

You’ll soon see how…or let’s say IF I managed to write a decent article about Inspiration Overload. :)

I think Pro Blogger is a good resource when it comes to writing good blogs posts, but talking about overload….so many intersting articles there, I just don’t know where to begin reading…:) Some of the articles I found useful:

But actually that wasn’t what I wanted to write about. That’s what happens to me all the time, I lose my topic. I wanted to write about not knowing what to write about. :)

So, I was really reliefed when I read this article:

Because I’m really good at, for example, Photoshop and Illustrator. That’s what do every day. People ask me for advise a lot when it comes to those tools. But I thought

“What could I tell people about Photoshop that they can’t find anywhere else?”

Nothing! But what might be an easy thing for me to do in Photoshop – and for me would not be worth writing about might be absolutely interesting for people who are not as good yet. So prepare yourself for a lot of Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials in the future. :)

What about you? How do you come up with ideas for your blogs posts? And how did you learn to write good posts?

Let it out!

* I have to force you to fill those out

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